By Conner Marks
Local Sports Journal

Janina Schmieder is leading the way for a new sport in West Michigan.

Described as Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP for short,  it is a trending sport that Schmieder describes as “a way to escape to the peaceful waters to unwind and recharge … connecting with the water and feeling the movement of the waves, allowing your body to harmonize with this sensation, this incredible feeling.”

And rightfully so.

Since opening The Paddles UP nearly four weeks ago, the first official lesion being on June 4, Janina Schmeider has seen great growth in her company. After purchasing five boards  just over a month ago, The Paddles Up now have 18 boards available. This just might be a telltale signal that SUP is an ever-growing activity.

“I started selling by myself years ago, and last year, I decided to get the word out to others,” said Schmieder. “I wanted to keep prices reasonable for people and get them out on the lake.”

As a certified SUP/SUP Yoga Instructor as well as being CPR/First Aid certified, Schmieder is highly trained in her field.

Paddles Up offers multiple services to consumers, including board rental and delivery, as well as classes such as basics on board of paddling, yoga on paddleboards, paddle therapy, and, according to Schmieder, “people just go out there and float and paddle.”

Paddles Up offers private parties and day trips of up to 18, with reservation, and customers can even bring the family dog to make the ultimate family experience complete and truly unforgettable.

“Everyone tells me ‘I don’t have good balance,’ but I just encourage them to get out there and so far it is working,” she said. “At the end of every session, everybody is happy. Even if you are not physically in shape, everybody can do Stand Up Paddleboarding. Sit down, stand up … anything goes.”

“They just love it and want to get back on the water again,” Schmieder said.

So much so, that Paddles Up offers a 100% money back guarantee, within 24 hours, if customers are unhappy with the services purchased.

“Some people are just amazed at how well they do and how much they enjoy getting out on the water,” said Schmieder.

Paddles Up has several upcoming events in the West Michigan area, as Paddles Up has recently paired with various state parks for upcoming events.

Additional event information can be found at the Michigan State DNR events page.

More information on The Paddles Up company, how to contact, along with information about Stand Up Paddleboarding, it’s history and benefits, as well as upcoming events can be found at Paddles Up homepage and its facebook page.