Late summer fishing is going strong however hot weather into the weekend may slow catch rates. Those fishing the inland waters will want to fish early morning, late evening or go deeper during the day. Water levels are low but a good rain will help push more salmon up into the river systems.


Grand Haven:  Anglers are targeting salmon 60 feet down in 80 to 100 feet of water but catch rates were slow. Many are using pearl or white plugs. Paddles are white with blue flies. Pier anglers have caught the occasional catfish or freshwater drum.

Muskegon River:  Has good smallmouth bass fishing.

Whitehall:  Water temperatures are still warm so catch rates were slow. Those able to find fish did so 100 to 125 feet down in 200 feet of water. Blue and silver were good colors. Pier anglers caught a few salmon in the early morning hours.


Manistee:  Pier fishing was slow for those casting blue and silver Cleo’s or cast masters. Boat anglers reported fair catch rates at 100 and 150 feet down in 150 to 250 feet of water with green or blue splatter back plugs as well as green spinnies and flies. Everyone seems to be waiting for a good north wind to bring cold water and the fish in closer to shore.

Manistee River:  Salmon are being caught in the lower stretches however some fish have made it up to Tippy Dam. Anglers are using flies, skein or thundersticks. Fire-tiger was a good color. Good smallmouth bass action above the dam.

Ludington: Fishing has been good but the better fishing was to the south. Try 110 to 150 feet down in 200 to 300 feet of water with spinnies and flies. South winds pushed the thermocline deep and drove warm water in close to shore.

Pere Marquette River:  Salmon are in the river however the better fishing may still be in the lower stretches.

Pentwater:  Boat and pier anglers reported slow catch rates. The few fish that were caught were taken about halfway down in waters 200 feet or deeper. Water temperatures are still on the warm side.