By Jason Goorman
Local Sports Journal

Anyone who follows basketball in the Muskegon area, should know Brandon Moore.

History books will now show Moore’s name as an area cage star. He scored his 1,000th career point at Montague on Monday night in the Wildcats’ 78-34 victory over Orchard View.

I will never forget the first time I met Brandon Moore.

It was the summer of Moore’s 8th-grade year and my brother Jeremy  was running an American Youth Basketball Tour event over in Macomb County, north of Detroit.

Jeremy had brought over a Montague 7th-8th grade team to fill in a few gaps of open games.

It was against the Detroit All-stars that I found out about Moore.

The All-Stars thought they were what their name said. But they hadn’t met Moore or his teammates yet.

In a tight contest that Montague won, Moore’s team called a timeout to design a play. My brother Jeremy, who was Montague’s coach for that weekend, designed a play for Moore.

Jeremy drew up a back-door play which set up Moore for an open lane to the basket.

The play ran perfectly with Moore catching the ball and less than a second later, there was a thunderous dunk.

It was the first time I had met Brandon Moore.

Check out the highlights from the game in which Moore scored his 1,000th point.