Local Sports Journal

Last week, Drew Naymick showed up. Calistas “Bean” Eziukwu also came back. The I Am Basketball League is showing why dunks, deep 3-pointers, and quick ballhandling skills are good entertainment.

Fans pay $1 to enter and see top basketball at the old Western Michigan Christian high school gym near the intersection of Getty and Evanston.

Naymick and Bean are two familiar names to area basketball fans.

Both big men play in Europe and are on break here in the states.

Bean currently plays for Acea Virtus in Italy.

Naymick is between teams and waiting to reach a new contract.

” I just got done in June playing in the Czech and now I’m just waiting to see who I’ll sign with,” said Naymick.

Naymick’s agent is working on a deal with a new team. The 6-foot-10 Naymick  is just coming off winning the Czech National Cup with CEZ Nymburk.

“I’ve been going between here (Muskegon), Chicago and Indianapolis,” said Naymick. “I will be playing on Tuesday nights when I’m in town.”

Watch a few highlights below of Naymick, Eziukwu and the athletic skills of the players in the I Am Basketball League.