By Jason Goorman

Did you happen to make it to the beach today?

I did, and it really worked out nicely. And it just so happens, I ran into a couple new friends.

My first stop was Pere Marquette. About a dozen or so kiteboarders were all taking advantage of some strong wind that came out of the southeast early this morning.

The wind was ripping and so was Brian Elkus on his kiteboard. I noticed right away Elkus was a little different than other kiteboarders and I had to go meet him. You can call us new friends today.

After checking out Pere Marquette, I received a phone call from Mark Hoeksema who has done a few kiteboarding projects of his own with the Local Sports Journal.

Hoeksema directed me to North Muskegon where he’d be shredding up some wind and waves.

Upon my arrival at Muskegon State Park, I met another new friend. “Dantastic” Rogers. An apsiring professor who likes to catch waves.

You’ll recognize him catching a wave by seeing his “Dantastic” hat.

I caught a couple other folks enjoying themselves on the water today too and I hope you enjoy the video.