Local Sports Journal

Legends of the Game is making another return to Muskegon’s historic March Field on Saturday, Aug. 17. The two-game event will feature both the young and old time players who have played at Marsh Field through the years.

Game 1 features The Old Timers of Marsh and starts at 5 p.m. The opening matchup will pit the Muskegon Barons against Bud Light.

Game 2 will see The Boys of Summer face off at 7:30 p.m. The Muskegon Legends will take on the Grand Rapids Legends.

Len Piasecki helps organize the event and has put in some hard work at Marsh field over the years. Piasecki played on Marsh’s old school field and he’s also been involved in the restoration of the park too.

“It’s just a great event for people to come out and watch these guys perform,” said Piasecki. “It’s a good night of baseball and the cost is $5 for two games. I think we have the best hot dog in town. People can come out and watch these guys put on a show.”

The Muskegon Legends player roster hosts: Brad VanBergen, Gavin Anderson, Dave Panozzo, Lincoln Mikkelsen, Joel Olsen, Justin Visconti, Joe Trigg, Matt Geoghan, Todd Wlodkowski, Steve Saxe, Luke Moyer, Brandon Bard, and Aaron Gowell.

The Bud Light roster includes: Gordy Bennett, Chad Addicott, Terry Bennett, Tim Bennett, Robby Curtice, Paul Lutz, Joel Olsen, Ryan Hartman, Tim Miller, Chris Hare, Rick Murray, Butch Attig, Eric Moorse, Matt Geoghan.

Grand Rapids Legends are bringing: John Haney, Jay Martin, Paul Militello, Brett Cagney, Jim Hazlett, Steve Westdorp, Jesse Young, Tim Antel, Pete Bush, Marcus Wysocki, Matt Lockwood, Phill Merrill, Rick Acker, Frank Zamarippa, Mark Stephens, and Troy DeVries.