Local Sports Journal

Grand Haven kicker John Potter enjoyed local air time during his Washington Redskin’s matchup against the Detroit Lions.

Potter’s foot was perfect on the day hitting a pair of field goals and extra points despite Washington’s 27-20 loss to Detroit.

The most impressive feat for Potter on the day was a 43-yard field goal that tied the score at 17 in the third quarter.

Washington trailed 27-17 late in the fourth quarter but its drive stalled at the 3-yardline which set up Potter for another field goal. His 21-yard kick kept the Redskins in the game for the remaining minutes.

Potter also had a pair of PAT’s in the first half. His first extra-point came after DeAngelo Hall scored on a 17-yard interception return. The second extra point arrived after Alfred Morris ran in from 30-yards out.