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Jim Brandstatter

Jim Brandstatter

The Mercy Sports Power Hour will feature special guest Jim Brandstatter this week.

The show, hosted by Jon Russell and Mike Taylor, airs 5-6 p.m. Wednesday.

Brandstatter, a University of Michigan alum,  has been broadcasting Michigan football since graduating from U-M  in 1972.

Brandstatter will be discussing the Wolverines and Lions football with Russell and Taylor.

Muskegon Heights caoch Dale Stewart will also be on the Power Hour to discuss his team’s recent success. The Tigers most recent contest was a double over time win over state ranked Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian.

The Luberjacks also come to back into town this week. On Friday, WLAW 92.5 FM will broadcast Muskegon’s home game against youngstown.

On Saturday the Chicago Steel come to town to face the Lumberjacks  with air time starting at 7:05 on WLAW 92.5 FM.