VIDEO: Snowkiting the Last days of winter at Pere Marquette

Local Sports Journal

Marc Hoeksema. Photo/Marc Hoeksema.

Marc Hoeksema. Photo/Marc Hoeksema.

Lake Michigan was in full effect for snowkiting on Saturday afternoon.

Marc Hoeksema and Pat Taylor were at Pere Marquette beach with their snow board, skis, and kites. The two were catching some of the last days of ice bergs on Lake Michigan.

The Norton Shores natives have enjoyed a winter filled with snowkiting this year.

Taylor is a senior at Mona Shores and is slated to run for coach John Swineburn’s Sailor track team.

Pat Taylor. Photo/Marc Hoeksema

Pat Taylor. Photo/Marc Hoeksema

Hoeksema is the wind, waves, water and ice guru and keeps the LSJ up to date on what’s happening at the beach.

Check out the video below to catch some of the action as Taylor is riding his snowboard and Hoeskema on skis.


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