Gunn-column-logo-1You remember the old preseason football tab that the Muskegon Chronicle used to publish every year, don’t you?

It was a great way to get a jump on the season and find out who the good teams were going to be. A lot of years that list included many schools, because, as we all know, the Muskegon area is the hotspot for high school football in Michigan.

Well, in case you didn’t know it, the football tab tradition never died. For the past two years Local Sports Journal has been publishing a print-version Muskegon area high school football preseason section.

Every varsity team in the area gets a full page of coverage, complete with a team preview story, photos, schedules and more. We’ve put a lot of work into it, and we’ve been very proud of the final product, which has been distributed through Plumbs grocery stores and many other local retail outlets.

You may have also noticed us selling the tabs last year outside the gates of local high school football stadiums. As I mentioned, we’re proud of our work, and we’ll do whatever it takes to share it with the community.

We at LSJ are already busy planning the 2014 high school football section, which will be published near the end of August. And we’re adding a new wrinkle to help local fans express their support for their schools and favorite teams.

For $25, local businesses, organizations and individuals can be listed as boosters on the team page of their choice. For $100 they can be listed on every team page in the section.

It’s a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to get behind their local football teams and say“good luck” to the players and coaches. It’s also a great way for parents, relatives and friends of local players to give a shout out to their heroes.

Meanwhile, the money we raise will help us pay our reporters for covering games and writing stories throughout the fall, winter and spring high school seasons.

Local Sports Journal is a small budget operation. Everyone on staff has a full-time day job, and we cover local sports at night simply for the love of it. None of us make more than a few dollars for our efforts – quite often our compensation is just enough to buy gas to get to the games.

With your help, we can keep publishing a great football section every year, and maintain our coverage of the hundreds of local high school athletes who deserve recognition.

We hope you will partner with us in keeping the Muskegon area high school football preseason section alive. To participate, simply mail a check for at least $25 to Local Sports Journal, 2364 Seminole Rd., Muskegon, MI 49441.

Please include your name, or the name of your business or group, as you would like it to appear in the football section. And don’t forget to name the school (or schools) that you support, along with any short messages you want to send to the team or any players.