By Jason Goorman
Local Sports Journal

There’s the sane and then the insane.

Sunday it snowed with a force we haven’t seen yet this winter. The storm’s high winds brought on some pretty good wave conditions at Pere Marquette Beach.

Tim Driscol

Tim Driscoll

The intensity of snow squalls and below freezing wind chills do not hinder a lake surfer.

There were too many surfers in the water at once to count them all. Though beach goers who braved the conditions couldn’t see them any way.

The winner of the most epic ice beard from the day went to Holland’s Tim Driscoll. Muskegon’s local wind, water and wave guru Marc Hoeksema had an impressive display as well.

Marc Hoeksema

Marc Hoeksema

Checkout the video below of surfers from around west Michigan who take the dedication to their sport to new levels. Kind of like that kid who shovels off his driveway to shoot hoops in January.

The video, titled Ghost Surfers, gets its name because the harsh visual conditions made the surfers look like ghosts on the water.