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It’s a snow day across west Michigan. Most area schools are closed due to the solid storm that dumped piles of snow on Sunday.

Many enjoy a snowy winter and have been for a long time.

Don Fisher

Don Fisher’s 1950 Skeeter helped refurbished with Tom Graham. Photo/Marc Hoeksema

The West Michigan Ice Yacht Club is one group of winter enthusiasts who have combined their love of wind, ice, boats and blades on Muskegon Lake since 1954.

Marc Hoeksema and about 20 other ice boaters from WMIYC were on Muskegon Lake this past Saturday before the storm hit. Hoeksema was able to shoot a video montage of the day.

“The ice was solid but a little bumpy this weekend,” said Hoeksmea about the conditions on Muskegon Lake which is now covered in snow and ice boats aren’t able to maneuver. “We were probably going 30 or 40 mph on the ice but I was able to shoot some video on my phone while steering the way.”

Check out the video below.

Hoeksema is a long time WMIYC member and has been ice boating for 30 years.

“We’d go out on my friend’s boat when I was younger and then I got my own boat in my 20’s,” said Hoeksema. “I’m on my third or fourth boat now.

“You need good ice, smooth black ice is the best,” said Hoeksema. “Locally we probably had about 10 days (of good ice conditions) and for the people who travelled, they got twice as much. A lot of guys went to Houghton Lake and few other places north where the ice isn’t covered with snow.”