The Holton girls softball team played in the Division 4 state semifinals on Friday. Unionville-Sebewaing topped the Red Devils to end their season at 37-1.

Throughout the contest, Holton showed a never give up attitude and believed in their dream of winning a state championship even through the final out.

Check out the photo gallery below shot by Jason Goorman.

IMG_6632 IMG_6573 IMG_6499 IMG_6125 IMG_6483 IMG_6636 IMG_6629 IMG_6670 IMG_6666 IMG_6624 IMG_6621 IMG_6616 IMG_6615 IMG_6613 IMG_6595 IMG_6522 IMG_6524 IMG_6535 IMG_6529 IMG_6574 IMG_6523 IMG_6507 IMG_6501 IMG_6491 IMG_6476 IMG_6440 IMG_6438 IMG_6443 IMG_6471 IMG_6473 IMG_6426 IMG_6436 IMG_6422 IMG_6413 IMG_6391 IMG_6282 IMG_6309 IMG_6313 IMG_6320 IMG_6364 IMG_6339 IMG_6303 IMG_6299 IMG_6290 IMG_6283 IMG_6211 IMG_6233 IMG_6245 IMG_6231 IMG_6265 IMG_6201 IMG_6198 IMG_6186 IMG_6182 IMG_6146 IMG_6120 IMG_6134 IMG_6129 IMG_6145 IMG_6173 IMG_6095 IMG_6093 IMG_6075 IMG_6084 IMG_6062 IMG_5987 IMG_6007 IMG_6043 IMG_6047 IMG_6053 IMG_6058 IMG_6059 IMG_6035 IMG_6032 IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_5992 IMG_5997 IMG_5998 IMG_5999 IMG_5984 IMG_5978 IMG_5974 IMG_5963 IMG_5938 IMG_5926 IMG_5925 IMG_5929 IMG_5933 IMG_5916 IMG_5914 IMG_5909 IMG_5895 IMG_5898 IMG_5819 IMG_5841 IMG_5856 IMG_5865 IMG_5888 IMG_5830 IMG_5816 IMG_5811 IMG_5793 IMG_5760 IMG_5723 IMG_5730 IMG_5737 IMG_5744 IMG_5752 IMG_5716 IMG_5720 IMG_5714 IMG_5701 IMG_5695 IMG_5662 IMG_5687 IMG_5693 IMG_5686

IMG_6746 IMG_6773 IMG_6733 IMG_6674

IMG_6825 IMG_6810 IMG_6794 IMG_6788 IMG_6779