Area golf courses and golfers are encouraged to e-mail in their aces and eagles to [email protected] lsj-fb-logo

Participants must title the subject line: Aces/Eagle Report along with the golf club’s name. Content of the email must include: name, hole number, par, yardage of hole, clubs used and any witnesses.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call Jason Goorman at 231-638-7307.


May 8
Bruce Kowalski, Hole No. 8 (107-yards). Club: Gab Wedge. Witness: Keith Riddle, Todd DeVries, Derek Jacobson.

Bruce Kowalski

Bruce Kowalski sank a hole-in-one on May 8th. 

May 30
Gary Babinec, Hole No. 1 (459-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, hybrid, putter. Witness: Greb Babinec and Ty Babinec.

May 27
Oceana Golf Club
Alan Marine (Spring Lake), Hole No. 5 (507-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, 6-iron, sandwedge. Witness: Brett Grevel, Jared Panozzo, Scott Tiefenthal.

May 26
Fred Inglis (New Era), Hole No. 10 (492-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, 5-wood, wedge.

April 27
Luke Johnsen, Hole No. 1 (448-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, 7-iron, putter.

April 25
Jeffrey Beckman (Shelby), Hole No. 3 (482-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, 5-iron, putter.
Cooper Wojcicki (Ludington) No. 13 (482-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, wedge, putter.

April 24
Keaton Inglis, Hole No. 13 (482-par five). Clubs: Driver, hybrid, wedge.

April 20
Fred Inglis (New Era), Hole No. 7 (308-yard par 4). Clubs: Driver, 6-iron.April 18April 18
Dick Huntington, Hole No. 1 (394-yard par five). Clubs: Driver, 4-hybrid, 9-iron.