The Fruitport Calvary Christian girls basketball team frequently scores a lot of points and wins by big margins.

But Friday’s victory was highly unusual, even for the Eagles.

They opened the game by building an unheard of 46-0 lead in the first nine minutes, then walked away with a startlingly easy 85-2 victory over Barry County Christian.

That’s right. 85-2.

The Eagles, now 12-1 on the season, used a lot of underclassmen in the game, with eighth, ninth and tenth-graders accounting for 40 of their 85 points.

Fruitport Calvary Coach Brad Richards said he did everything he could to keep from running the score up, and the teams shook hands and there were no hard feelings after the game.

“These kinds of games are tough for everyone involved,” Richards said. “It was nice to see our JV players work hard after only playing our starters for nine minutes. We only played half-court defense with no trapping after the first minute, and there was nothing else we could have done, other than stop the game.

“We have no desire to embarrass anyone.  It could have been much, much worse.”

Lexy Wilson led Fruitport Calvary with 22 points. Kelsey Richards and Allyson Richards each scored 16 while Emily Wesner stuffed the stat sheet with eight steals, seven points, seven rebounds and five assists.