The Fremont boys bowling team started the week off strong, defeating Ludington 26-4 on Monday.

The Packers also beat Western Michigan Christian and Tri-County in convincing fashion last week.

Hunter Cook paced the Packers with a score of 426, while Ethan Tedford rolled a 347 and Tyler Stein scored 340.

Rounding out the Packer attack was Ethan DeKryger with a score of 313.


Ludington girls 17, Fremont girls 13 – Katelynee Gerth led the Fremont girls with a score of 305 while Haylea Bazinau scored 266. Tina Schubert scored a 237 while Haleigh Johnson rolled a 224.

Orchard View boys 18, Ravenna boys 12 – Ravenna was led by Caleb McCullough with a score of 437 while Ethan May scored 427 and Derek Place scored 416. Rounding out the scores for Ravenna were Tim Linck with a 398 and Andre Guzman with a 323.

Ravenna girls 25, Orchard View 5 – The Bulldogs were led by Amaya Guzman with a score of 389 while Brienna McFarren scored 350 and Lauren May scored 310. Rounding out the Ravena scores were Lindsey Ruch with 303 and Hannah Shull with 272.

Oakridge boys 30, Western Michigan Christian 0 – Brandon Jones led the Oakridge boys bowling team in its dominant effort with a score of 411. Dylan Houston scored 383, while Corey Lowe scored 372 and Josh Felkoski finished with a 334.


Ravenna boys 28, Ludington boys 2 – The Ravenna boys team was led on Wednesday by Derek Place who scored 415 while Caleb McCullough scored 384 and Ethan May scored 382. Rounding out the scores were Tim Linck with 375 and Andre Guzman with 333.

Ravenna girls 16, Ludington girls 14 – Amaya Guzman scored 348 to lead Ravenna while Brienna McFarren scored 343 and Lauren May scored 302. Shull finished with a 288 and Ruch a 271 to round out the Bulldog scores.

Fremont boys 29, Western Michigan Christian 1 – Tyler Young led Fremont with a score of 322 in a convincing victory while Hunter Cook finished with 308 and Tyler Stein 307. Isaac Callison rounded out the Fremont bowlers with a score of 276.


Fremont girls 27, Tri County girls 3 – Tina Schubert led the Fremont bowlers on Saturday with a score of 234 while Katelynee Gerth finished with 227 and Alyssa Zimmerman 225.

Fremont boys 29, Tri County boys 1 – The Fremont boys were paced Hunter Cook with a score of 360 followed by Ethan DeKryger who scored 319. Rounding out the scores for Fremont were Tyler Young with 295 and Ethan Tedford with 259.