By Steve Gunn

Finally I found a way to win!

OK, it wasn’t exactly a clean win, because I screwed up. But I was a co-winner, and since there was no way to declare a clean winner, I am selfishly taking the bow this week.

Let me explain.

It’s my job to send out a list of games to all the writers every week, and collect their picks. As part of that, I’m supposed to send out a tie-breaker (guessing the total number of points in one of the games), in the event that there is a tie for first place.

Well, there was a three-way tie for first last week. Dave Tomczak, Jason Goorman and I all finished on top with 13-3 records. But I forgot to send out a tie-breaker, so short of drawing straws, breaking the tie was not a possibility.

So I declared myself the winner!

That may not seem fair – and it’s not – but I have a reason for my selfishness. I never, ever win. I don’t even come close. I finished in dead last place last year, and was not off to a good start this year. Even with my strong Week 2, I’m still tied for last overall.

This may be my last chance to seize the glory, so I grabbed it.

There are a few interesting matchups this week, and some disagreement among the writers.

In one intriguing West Michigan Conference matchup, five of us like North Muskegon, but two of us favor pass-happy Ravenna. Five of us like Spring Lake to continue its amazing start by beating Sparta, while two think the two-game winning streak will end. The split in the Grand Haven-Hudsonville game is 5-2, with the majority saying the Bucs will lose their first game.

I am the only one to pick the upset of the week – Reeths-Puffer over Mona Shores. The Rockets showed last week that they can score a lot of points, and they will be playing at home in front of a┬ápumped-up crowd. You heard it here first.

WEEK 2 RESULTS – Steve Gunn 13-3; Dave Tomczak 13-3; Jason Goorman 13-3; Andrew Johnson 12-4; Dave Hart 12-4; Nate Thompson 12-4; Mitch Boatman 12-4.

OVERALL STANDINGS – Nate Thompson 23-8; Dave Tomczak 22-9; Jason Goorman 22-9; Mitch Boatman 22-9; Andrew Johnson 21-10; Dave Hart 21-10; Steve Gunn 21-10.