A total of 29 individual area athletes, as well as four relay teams, won championships at regional track and field meets at various locations on Friday and Saturday.

Many other local athletes also did very well in their regional events, and joined the local champions in qualifying for the Michigan High School Athletic Association Track and Field state finals.

In Division 1, Dominic Weatherwax (800 meters, Grand Haven), Mason Mahacek (high jump, Grand Haven), Gabby Hentemann (800 meters, Grand Haven), Elizabeth Knoll (high jump, Mona Shores) and Sarah Knoll (shot put, Grand Haven) all took home individual titles at the regional meet in Grand Haven.

In Division 2, individuals who won regional championships were Shemar Jennings (100 meters, Ludington), Nathan Walker (3200 meters, Fremont), Ethan Flores (110m hurdles, Fruitport), Dakota Mitchell (high jump, Fruitport), Emma Fountain (400 meters, Ludington), Hannah Hamilton (3200 meter, Fremont), Jessica Judge (300m hurdles, Spring Lake) and Kylie Rudolph (long jump, Fruitport).

Fruitport’s 4×400 relay team of Ethan Flores, Brendan Deneen, Cameron Weaver and Dakota Mitchell also took home a regional title.

Regional champions in Division 3 were Josh Cox (400 meters, Ravenna), Calvin Schullo (pole vault, Ravenna), Giovanni Weeks (long jump, Kent City), Lauren Freeland (800 meters and 1600 meters, Kent City), Abby VanderKooi (3200 meters, Western Michigan Christian), Analiese Postema (100m hurdles, Ravenna), Taryn Preston (300m hurdles, Kent City) and Ally Hall (high jump, Montague).

Kent City’s 4×100 relay team of Dolan Bair, Jayden Williams, Giovanni Weeks and Will Wright, and Montague’s 4×100 relay team of Brooke Stark, Claire Meacham, Morgan Osborne and Natalie Ericson were also regional champions.

In Division 4, Austin Hofmann (100 meters, Pentwater), Aaron Herron (200 meters and 110m hurdles, Holton), Max Stoneman (400 meters, Pentwater), Khole Hofmann (300m hurdles, Pentwater) and Julia Hall (200 meters and long jump, Pentwater) all took home individual titles.

Austin Hawkins, James Hunter, Aaron Herron and Elis Lamparth of Holton took home a 4×100 relay regional title.

The MHSAA track and field state finals will take place at various locations throughout the state on June 1. The Division 1 meet will be held at East Kentwood High School, Division 2 at Zeeland High School, Division 3 at Jenison High School and Division 4 at Hudsonville’s Baldwin Middle School.

The following is a list of area athletes who qualified for the state track and field finals:

Division 1

100 Meters: Tommy Watts (Muskegon)

200 Meters: Jakobie Harris (Muskegon)

800 Meters: Dominic Weatherwax (Grand Haven)

3200 Meters: Evan Hodson (Reeths-Puffer)

4×100 Relay: Tommy Watts, Demario Robinson Jr, Hyrosha Wilson, Jacarri Thomas-Kithcen (Muskegon), Monyae Franklin, Rylee Bonjernoor, Drey Riley, Daven Fox (Reeths-Puffer)

4×200 Relay: Hyrosha Wilson, Kolbe Lewis, Bryan Stinson, Jakobie Harris (Muskegon)

4×800 Relay: Evan Hodson, Brady Wheeler, Zach Ostoin, Klay Grant (Reeths-Puffer)

Discus: Colt Stout (Mona Shores)

High Jump: Ben Wyatt (Reeths-Puffer), Mason Mahacek (Grand Haven)

Pole Vault: Mason Mahacek (Grand Haven), Eli Nelson (Grand Haven)

Long Jump: Drew Dahlman (Grand Haven)

Division 2

100 Meters: Shemar Jennings (Ludington)

200 Meters: Shemar Jennings (Ludington)

400 Meters: Dakota Mitchell (Fruitport)

800 Meters: Brendan Deneen (Fruitport), Ben Hylen (Spring Lake)

1600 Meters: Colten Covington (Grant), Andrew Hylen (Spring Lake), Ben Hylen (Spring Lake)

3200 Meters: Nathan Walker (Fremont), Andrew Hylen (Spring Lake), Sam Baustert (Whitehall)

4×200 Relay: Dakota Mitchell, Cameron Weaver, Ethan Flores, Zach Pary (Fruitport)

4×400 Relay: Ethan Flores, Cameron Weaver, Brendan Deneen, Dakota Mitchell (Fruitport)

4×800 Relay: Jon Wildey, Cameron Weaver, Jaxon Deneen, Brendan Deneen (Fruitport)

110m Hurdles: Ethan Flores (Fruitport)

300m Hurdles: Ethan Flores (Fruitport)

High Jump: Dakota Mitchell (Fruitport)

Pole Vault: Miles Fritts (Ludington)

Long Jump: Shemar Jennings (Ludington)

Division 3

100 Meters: Giovanni Weeks (Kent City)

200 Meters: Giovanni Weeks (Kent City)

400 Meters: Brandon Sytsma (Western Michigan Christian), Josh Cox (Ravenna)

800 Meters: Marcellus Rouse (North Muskegon)

1600 Meters: Andrew Whitney (Hart)

3200 Meters: Cole Jensen (Montague)

110m Hurdles: Chad Erickson (Ravenna)

300m Hurdles: Chad Erickson (Ravenna)

4×100 Relay: Dolan Bair, Jayden Williams, Giovanni Weeks, Will Wright (Kent City), Colin Schotts, De’Shary Warren, Nick Rossiter, Alex Wolski (North Muskegon)

4×200 Relay: Dolan Bair, Jayden Williams, Mateus Mello, Will Wright (Kent City), Prince Budu, Isaac Parker, Brandon Sytsma, Solomon Waller (Western Michigan Christian)

4×800 Relay: Nick Flegel, Ryan Wheeler, Alex Russo, Evan Jones (Kent City)

Long Jump: Giovanni Weeks (Kent City)

Shot Put: Evan Eilers (Montague)

High Jump: Colin Schotts (North Muskegon)

Pole Vault: Calvin Schullo (Ravenna), John Wade (Shelby)

Division 4

100 Meters: Austin Hofmann (Pentwater)

200 Meters: Aaron Herron (Holton), Austin Hofmann (Pentwater)

400 Meters: Max Stoneman (Pentwater)

4×100 Relay: Austin Hawkins, James Hunter, Aaron Herron, Elia Lamparth (Holton)

4×200 Relay: Austin Hofmann, Jordan Bales, Khole Hofmann, Max Stoneman (Pentwater)

110m Hurdles: Aaron Herron (Holton), James Hunter (Holton), Khole Hofmann (Pentwater)

300m Hurdles: Khole Hofmann (Pentwater)

Shot Put: Derek Pouch (Holton)

High Jump: James Hunter (Holton)

Long Jump: Aaron Herron (Holton)

Division 1

100 Meters: Anabeth Hylland (Mona Shores)

800 Meters: Gabby Hentemann (Grand Haven)

1600 Meters: Gabby Hentemann (Grand Haven)

300m Hurdles: Cam Constant (Grand Haven)

4×400 Relay: Abby Buitenhuis, Cam Constant, Avery Keefe, Gabby Gentemann (Grand Haven)

4×800 Relay: Kirbey Colella, Marlie Fraser, Meadow White, Giovana Marecek (Grand Haven)

Shot Put: Kariya White (Mona Shores), Sarah Knoll (Grand Haven)

Discus: Sarah Knoll (Grand Haven)

High Jump: Elizabeth Knoll (Mona Shores), Bridget McHugh (Reeths-Puffer), Ella Beringer (Grand Haven)

Division 2

200 Meters: Emma Fountain (Ludington)

400 Meters: Emma Fountain (Ludington)

800 Meters: Kendra Fowler (Fremont), Gwendelyn Shamel (Ludington), Julia Bajt (Spring Lake)

3200 Meters: Hannah Hamilton (Fremont)

4×200 Relay: Kylie Rudolph, Taylor Burke, Analiza Sanchez, Areona Robinson (Fruitport), Avery Hoekstra, Lizzy Koratich, Sophia Tilton, Julia Bejt (Spring Lake)

4×400 Relay: Kylie Rudolph, Taylor Burke, Areona Robinson, Analiza Sanchez (Fruitport), Avery Hoekstra, Lizzy Koratich, Isabella Padula, Julia Bajt (Spring Lake)

4×800 Relay: Emma Fountain, Randi Stone, Ruby Strahan, Gwendelyn Shamel (Ludington)

100m Hurdles: Kennedy Christoffersen (Fremont)

300m hurdles: Jessica Judge (Spring Lake)

High Jump: Jordyn Carlyle (Fruitport), Katie Ferris (Whitehall)

Long Jump: Kylie Rudolph (Fruitport

Pole Vault: Ellie Schoon (Ludington), Alex Kovar (Ludington)

Division 3

100 Meters: Maddie Meacham (Montague)

200 Meters: Andee Kimes (Mason County Central)

400 Meters: Andee Kimes (Mason County Central)

800 Meters: Lauren Freeland (Kent City), Audrianna Enns (Hart), Brenna Aerts (Hart)

1600 Meters: Lauren Freeland (Kent City), Layla Martini (Kent City), Adelyn Ackley (Hart), Audrianna Enns (Hart)

3200 Meters: Layla Martini (Kent City), Abby VanderKooi (Western Michigan Christian), Bella Lindsay (North Muskegon), Gabriella Wingard (North Muskegon), Adelyn Ackley (Hart), Savannah Ackley (Hart), Lynae Ackley (Hart)

100m Hurdles: Analiese Postema (Ravenna), Nyah Tyron (Mason County Central)

300m Hurdles: Taryn Preston (Kent City), Nyah Tyron (Mason County Central)

4×100 Relay: Jasmine Weeks, Kylie Brown, Carley Denhof, Joan Carr (Kent City), Brooke Stark, Claire Meacham, Morgan Osborne, Natalie Ericson (Montague)

4×200 Relay: Brooke Stark, Maddie Meacham, Morgan Osborne, Natalie Ericson (Montague)

4×400 Relay: Taryn Preston, Emily Lantzer, Kylie Brown, Lauren Freeland (Kent City), Rachel Allen, Rachel Miller, Nyah Tyron, Andee Kimes (Mason County Central)

4×800 Relay: Audrianna Enns, Lauren VanderLaan, Brenna Aerts, Adelyn Ackley (Hart)
Long Jump: Lauren Freeland (Kent City)

Shot Put: Tianna Smith (Montague)

Discus: Tianna Smith (Montague)

High Jump: Ally Hall (Montague), Kendall Williamson (Hart)

Pole Vault: Jael Wood (Mason County Central), Andee Kimes (Mason County Central)

Division 4

100 Meters: Julia Hall (Pentwater)200 Meters: Julia Hall (Pentwater)

300m Hurdles: Jocelyn Richison (Pentwater)

Long Jump: Julia Hall (Pentwater)