Heidi Adams did not care about last year’s final standings when she chose her writer for the Harbor Cinema/LSJ Gridiron Picks Contest.

She went with Jason Goorman, despite the fact that he finished dead last in football picking accuracy last year.

Heidi Adams, Week 1 winner of  the Harbor Cinema/LSJ Gridiron Picks Contest.

It turns out that Adams was smart, because Goorman finished tied for first place with Dave Tomczak in the Week 1 Gridiron Picks standings with a 13-4 record.

Goorman won the tie-breaker, which was based on guessing the total number of points scored in the Orchard View-Spring Lake game. That meant that there was a drawing among all the contestants who chose to be on Team Goorman, and Adams was the winner.

Her prize is two free lunches at Brann’s Steakhouse.

Adams, a Norton Shores resident, says she knew Goorman finished last in 2018, but is casually acquainted with him, and thinks he’s a “solid guy.”

“He tries his best at everything – that’s why I picked him,” she said.

Below are the complete Week 1 standings. Be sure to check the LSJ Gridiron Picks this week, then watch the final scores on Friday night at LocalSportsJournal.com, to see how your writer does the second time around.

Jason Goorman 13-4; Dave Tomzak 13-4; Dave Hart 12-5; Steve Gunn 11-6; Mitch Boatman 11-6; Nate Thompson 10-7; Andrew Johnson 10-7; Noah Genson 10-7.