By Jason Goorman

The truth is, I have never been an LSJ Gridiron Picks winner before. There, I said it, it’s off my chest.

The good news is I handled my scandal, and now I understand what the winner’s circle feels like, after my stellar Week 1 performance. It’s true that I tied Dave Tomczak for first place, but fate was smiling on me and I won the tie-breaker!

There were several picks in the first week of high school football that I knew could make or break me.

One pick that definitely separated me from the pack was Grand Haven topping Reeths-Puffer. While I know Bird is the word at Puffer (as in highly-respected new coach Matt Bird), the Bucs are touting a giant returning senior class this season, and I figured experience was going to be the difference-maker in that game. I was right.

Congratulations to Heidi Adams of Norton Shores, who had the courage to sign up for Team Goorman in the Harbor Cinema/LSJ Gridiron Picks Contest. Her name was drawn from the fans who signed up for Team Goorman – and there aren’t many of them, probably because of my last place overall finish last year.

But the past is the past, and I believe I have demonstrated that I am much better at this game this year. I am looking forward to another victory this week, so I can win some more free food for another loyal member of Team Goorman!

My key picks, which separate me from at least some of the other writers, are Holton over Carson City Crystal, Orchard View over Kent City, and Grand Rapids South Christian over Reeths-Puffer. Sorry Rocket fans. Picking against you guys worked well for me last week, so I’m going to try it again!

WEEK 1 RESULTS: Jason Goorman 13-4; Dave Tomzak 13-4; Dave Hart 12-5; Steve Gunn 11-6; Mitch Boatman 11-6; Nate Thompson 10-7; Andrew Johnson 10-7; Noah Genson 10-7.