The Whitehall tennis team took home first place on Saturday, scoring 10 points while Grand Rapids West Catholic took second with seven points, Comstock Park took third with four points and Big Rapids took fourth with three points.

River Morrison and Christian Smolen took home the second doubles flight while Jackson Vanbergen (No.1 singles), Ashton Trnka (No.2 singles), Ryan Findorff (No.3 singles) all won at least one match.

In doubles, the teams of Austin Groeeneveld and Evan Luce (No.1 doubles), Luke Derose and Christopher Mark (No.3 doubles) and Samuel Cole and Steven Cullen (No.4 doubles) all won at least one match.

MONA SHORES WINS FIVE OF 24 – The Mona Shores tennis team won five of a possible 24 flights on Saturday in action against Forest Hills Eastern, West Ottawa and Forest Hills Central.

Picking up flight wins were Chris Horvath and Austin Grimm and both Grant Hylland and Gavin Kuhn who each won two flights.

SPRING LAKE TAKES THIRD – Spring Lake finished third on Saturday in a quad at Grand Haven.

Sean Bennink and Jackson Der Vartanian (No.4 doubles) won their flight while August Druzgal (No.4 singles), AJ Dalman and Dawson Sherman (No. 1 doubles) and the team of Grant Kieft and Mason De Vries (No. 3 doubles) each won at least one match.

WESTERN MICHIGAN CHRISTIAN NARROWLY FINISHES LAST – Western Michigan Christian finished with five points, just behind Lansing Catholic and Paw Paw with six points and NorthPointe Chiristan with seven points.

Christopher Newhouse (No.3 singles) and Alexander Miller (No.4 singles) each won two matches on the day while Michael Kamps (No.2 singles) won one match.