By Andrew Johnson

MUSKEGON – The Whitehall bowling program is only in its second year of existence, but it has already experienced a moment of perfection.
It came from sophomore Sebastian Workman, who threw a perfect 300 game to cap off his night of competition against Oakridge on Wednesday at Northway Lanes in Muskegon.

Sebastian Workman after bowling his perfect game. Photo courtesy/Gary Langlois

“It was very special,” said Workman, who had a 265 score in his first game on Wednesday night, which was three pins shy of his personal high. “I felt like it was going to happen eventually because I thought I could do it.”

The special game came after a rough practice on Tuesday.

“The day before, he had a terrible practice,” said Whitehall head coach Gary Langlois. “His thumb was getting stuck and having skin taken off. So he actually got really frustrated and went to the pro shop to have them adjust his thumb hole. Thank god they did it, because it helped him.”

As Workman got deeper into his perfect game, the rest of Northway Lanes started to take notice.

“He was approaching the ninth frame and word was out,” said Langlois. “Everyone stopped what they were doing and went down to the lane he was on. We were bowling Oakridge and they stepped back and gave him his space out of respect.”

With so many people tuned into his game, pressure started to build for Workman.

“I was getting nervous after the seventh strike,” he said. “One by one, all of the lanes stopped to watch me. It just put a bit of pressure on me, but coach told me to not look at the crowd.”

After finishing out the final frame with his final three strikes, Workman completed the perfect game with a perfect moment, embracing his grandfather, Geno Luttrull.

“He’s been dreaming of it ever since I started,” Workman said. “He was really proud of me and he almost cried.”

Check out the video below of Worman’s final throw that earned him his big 300.