Fred Inglis grew up in Shelby, and a lot of people around Oceana County know him and love him.

Fred Inglis during his days at KTVU Fox 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

But relatively few folks have a full appreciation of the amazing things he accomplished and experienced during his 22 years as a television sports anchor and reporter for KTVU Fox 2 in San Francisco.

He covered two National Football League teams (San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders), two Major League Baseball teams (San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics), a National Hockey League team (San Jose Sharks), and a National Basketball Association team (Golden State Warriors), not to mention the major sports programs at the University of California, Stanford and other colleges in the area.

Inglis, a two-time Emmy Award winner, was there to witness and cover a lot of historic moments and legendary athletes. He was a longtime friend of Jerry Rice and chronicled his career from beginning to end. He was there to greet Barry Bonds at home plate when the Giants slugger broke the all-time home run record. He has a ton of great stories like those to share.

Click on the audio recording below to hear Infinity Podcast’s John Mackay and LSJ Publisher Jason Goorman interview Inglis about his incredible professional journey that took him to the West Coast, and about the amazing experiences he had covering and rubbing elbows with some of the great sports figures of our time.