Since its formation in 1980, the Muskegon Big Red Athletic Foundation’s mission has always been to raise money and awareness for the athletic programs at Muskegon High School.

In 2017, the Foundation completed the monumental task of raising over $160,000 to replace the old scoreboard at Hackley Stadium, which was dedicated to Carol Potter in 1989.

Muskegon grad and current Ohio State University football player Cam Martinez breaks free on a rush during the 2018 season, while No. 75 Anthony Bradford looks behind for blocks. Bradford currently holds the line for the LSU Tigers in Louisiana. Photo/Tim Reilly

After taking a year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation regrouped for this year’s Chris Ernvall Memorial Golf tournament.  

The outing was once again held on June 25th at Stonegate Golf Course and raised over $11,000. Those that participated and donated their time and money to the annual event are witnessing their support today in various ways, including seeing Big Reds athletes in action.

The proceeds from the Ernvall Memorial event, helped student athletes attend summer sports camps and provided needed equipment for teams like Big Reds football.

The Foundation is currently taking on another project to help these student athletes have what they need to succeed.

The weight room at the Redmond Potter Gym, and the varsity locker room at Historic Hackley Stadium need updating. The foundation has already secured some private donations for this project and have pledged to not only match that contribution, but to exceed it.

“Student athletes at Muskegon High School deserve nothing less than the best,” said Muskegon Athletic Director and foundation board member Keith Guy. “We are asking that Big Red supporters make a donation to this project because any amount will help our student athletes.”

Muskegon Athletic Director Keith Guy. Photo/Joe Lane

The foundation looks to have this project finished as soon as possible and are currently soliciting bids for the weight room and locker room improvements. It is the Big Red Athletic Foundation’s hope and desire the project can be completed with 2022.

“Student athletes will benefit from this project for years to come,” said Guy who is also the Big Reds boys varsity basketball coach. “We thank all of our supporters who have donated in the past to furthering the mission of the Muskegon Big Red Athletic Foundation. So please visit our website and donate to our mission in providing the best atmosphere for our student athletes.”

Guy says that Big Red athletic supporters can click on the “DONATE” icon to find the options available to contribute. Checks can also be mailed to the foundation and all donations are tax deductible. Some companies have policies to match your 501(c)(3) donation, so please check with your employer before donating.

“We know how important the athletic classroom is because we work in it every day,” said Guy. “But we need help to make sure these incredible kids have the necessary tools to compete at the level we know they all are capable of.”

Supporters who want to continue their efforts or want to start helping the City of Muskegon’s athletes, can click here to donate today.