One of the more hotly contested football races in recent memory produced tri-champions in the West Michigan Conference.

Montague, Oakridge and Whitehall all finished atop the standings with 6-1 records. And to the victors go the spoils, namely on the West Michigan Conference All-League teams.

Overall, Montague had five players on the first-team offensive unit while Oakridge and Whitehall had four each. On defense, Oakridge had five first-teamers while Whitehall and Montague had four each.

West Michigan Conference final standings

Montague 6-1; Oakridge 6-1; Whitehall 6-1; Ravenna 4-3; North Muskegon 3-4; Hart 2-5; Mason County Central 1-6; Shelby 0-7.

First team offense

Wide receiver: Grant Becklin, senior, Ravenna; Tugg Nichols, senior, Montague; Brodie Fogus, senior, Whitehall; Matt Kolbert, senior, North Muskegon.

Tight end: Colton Blankstrom, senior, Montague.

Tackles: Ethan Jozsa senior, Oakridge; Winton Napier, junior, Whitehall; Mike Olthof, senior, Ravenna.

Guard: Riley Bean, junior, Oakridge; Zeke Thompson, senior, Ravenna.

Center: Hayden McDonald, senior, Montague.

Quarterback: Kyle Stranton, sophomore, Whitehall.

Alec Pruett (Whitehall)

Corey Vanderputte (Muskegon Oakridge)

Running backs: Corey Vanderputte, senior, Oakridge; Alec Pruett, senior, Whitehall; Dylan Everett, senior, Montague.

Blocking back: Trevor Jones, sophomore, Oakridge.


Ends: Ethan Jozsa, senior, Oakridge; Rodney Brassfield, junior, Montague; Shane Cook, junior, Whitehall.

Linemen: Hayden McDonald, senior, Montague; Riley Bean, junior, Oakridge; Brenden Forsythe, senior, Ravenna; Sam Gallo, junior, North Muskegon; Gumaro Villeda, senior, Hart.

Linebackers: Nick Blanchard, senior, Whitehall; Colton Blankstrom, senior, Montague; Corey Vanderputte, senior, Oakridge.

Defensive backs: Thomas McCullough, senior, Ravenna; Izac Jarka, junior, Montague; Brendan Raymond, senior, Oakridge; Red Watson, senior, Whitehall.

At Large

Nate Bolley, junior, Whitehall

Kyle Stratton & Nate Bolley (Whitehall)

Special Teams

Kicker: Andrew Kooi, senior, Montague.

Punter: Matt Danicek, junior, Oakridge

Kick return specialist: Chance Alvesteffer, senior, Hart.

Honorable mention


Revin Gale, junior, Hart, tight end.

Wes Russell, junior, Whitehall, offensive guard

Gabe Reavey, senior, Whitehall, center

James Young, freshman, North Muskegon, quarterback

Hunter Hogan, junior, Ravenna, running back.

Cade Clement, senior, Shelby, running back

Clay Schullo, sophomore, Ravenna, blocking back.


Brandon McFarren, senior, Ravenna, linebacker

Kyle Huff, junior, North Muskegon, linebacker.

Max Brown, senior, Whitehall, defensive back

Ben Myers, sophomore, North Muskegon, defensive back

Special Teams

Hunter Hogan, junior, Ravenna, kicker.

Denny Belmonte, junior, North Muskegon, punter.

Kyle Beebe, senior, Ravenna, punter.

Red Watson, senior, Whitehall, kick return specialist

Brenden Raymond, senior, Oakridge, kick return specialist