LUDINGTON — Ludington’s bowling teams hosted Whitehall at Stix on Monday, and came away with a split, as the girls won their match, 18-12 while the boys lost, 27-3.  

In the first Baker game the Oriole girls rolled a 141-99 and in the second it was 145-107.  

Game 1 leaders for the Oriole girls included Sara Mutzette with a 91, Abigail Ashley a 154, Karly Gokey a 113, Rylee Hardenburgh a 93 and Heidi Faust a 155.  

Leaders for the Oriole girls in Game 2 were Hannah Bledsoe with a 97, Elecia Byrd a 106, Karly Gokey a 99, Abigail Ashley a 112 and Faust a 128.  

“For our girls to come away with a ‘W’ tonight is big,” Ludington coach Maggie Bates said. “Again, they are a tough group to bowl against, but our girls did the job tonight.  

“Our bakers, for the first time this season, were consistent, and that’s huge when looking at taking points.”  

In the boys match the Orioles lost the Baker games, 152-106 and 201-103.  

Leaders in Game 1 were Amair George with a 96, Nick Wysong with a 124, Damion Ott with a 125, Lucas Ruggero with a 112 and Cameron Fetters with a 160.  

Game 2 leaders were George with a 90, Wysong with a 98, Ott with a 145, Ruggero with a 102 and Fetters with a 204.  

“Whitehall is a tough team,” Bates said. “I am proud of our team totals for the day.

The boys are getting better. They will get there, and they have to understand that it’s not going to happen overnight.”