MUSKEGON — It’s not often that bowling teams play doubleheaders, but Ludington and Orchard View boys and girls teams did just that Wednesday night at Northway Lanes in Muskegon.

The Orioles and Cardinals decided to make up a game that was postponed earlier because of the weather, and Ludington lost them both.

In the first game the Oriole boys lost, 27-3 losing the first Baker game, 135-118 and the second Baker, 115-114.

Ludington’s individual scorers in the first regular game included Lucas Ruggero with a 136, Damion Ott a 123, Darius Byrd a 78, Nick Wysong a 94 and Cameron Fetters 134.

Game two saw Ott roll a 147, Reggero finish with a 115, Wysong rolled a 129, Amari George 103 and Bryd and Fetters split a 98.

In the regularly scheduled game the Oriole girls lost, 26-4. They lost the first Baker game, 132-90 and the second, 115-97.

Game one scores included Elecia Byrd 108, Lea Pierlot 90, Rylee Hardenburgh 115, Karly Gokey 124 adn Heidi Faust 212. In Game two scorers included Bryd 123, Abigail Ashley 89, Sara Mutzette 78, Grace Ashley 140 and Faust 192.

In the second portion of the doubleheader Ludington boys lost, 28-2 including 225-82 in the first Baker and 129-97 in the second Baker.

Scorers in the first game were Ruggero 115, Ott 134, Bryd 104, Wysong 164 and Fetters 101. In the second game it was Lucas 133, Ott 122, Wysong 107, George 92 and Fetters 152.

The Oriole girls fared little better in the makeup game, losing 18.5 -15.5. They lost the first Baker, 138-107 but won the second Baker, 99-86.

Game one scorers included Byrd 117, Grace Ashley 122, Mutzette 116, Abigail Ashley 84 and Faust/Hardenburgh a split 141.

In the second game it was Byrd with a 132, followed by Gokey with a 96, Hardenburgh with a 115, Pierlot with a 132 and Faust/Abigail Ashley with a split 117.