LUDINGTON — Fremont’s bowling teams came to Ludington for a doubleheader at Styx on Monday night, and the Packers boys swept a pair from the Orioles, while the girls teams split.

In the boys competition, Fremont defeated the Orioles, 27-3 and 26-4 although the Orioles recorded their highest Baker of the season with a 158 to best Fremont, which scored a 153. Fremont won the second Baker, 166-99.

Game One leaders for Ludington included Lucas Ruggero with a 188, Cameron Fetters threw a 156, Damion Ott rolled a 111, Amari George had a 92 and Nick Wysong a 74.

In the second game it was Ott leading with a 154, followed by George with a 138, Fetters threw a 113, Wyson had a 112 and Ruggero a 90.

Then in the second part of the dual meet it was Fremont taking Baker One, 141-108 and 149-121 in the second Baker.

Ruggero had the high score in Game One with a 136, followed by Cameron Fetters with a 116, Ott with a 115 George with a 97 and Wysong a 78.

Game Two scores included a 150 by Ruggero, 114 from Fetters, a 112 from George, a 108 by Fetters and a 96 by Wysong.

The Oriole girls lost the first game to Fremont, 19.5-10.5 but came back to take the second game, 21-9. Fremont won the first Baker game, 125-102 while the Orioles won the second Baker, 126-118.

In Game One it was Heidi Faust throwing a 131, Abigail Ashley bowling a 118, Rylee Hardenbaugh a 117, Karly Gokey a 110 and Grace Ashley a 108.

Game Two individual scorers were Faust with a 144, Abigail Ashley a 136, Gokey a 118 and Sara Mutzette a 112.

Baker One in the second part of the dual meet went to Fremont, 122-84 while again the Orioles bounced back to take Baker 2 by a 139-114 score.

Individual scorers for Ludington were Gokey a 137, Abigail Ashley a 124, Grace Ashley a 116 and Hannah Bledsoe a 94.

Game Two scorers for the Orioles were Handenburgh with a 133, Abigail Ashley with a 123, Alicia Byrd a 118, Gokey a 114 and Mutzette a 101.

“These kids have made so much growth over the season,” Ludington head coach Maggie Bates said. “I’m proud of the way they are bowling.

“We just all need to be on our games at the same time, and things would look a lot different for sure. This is a great group of young bowlers. They just need to keep pushing forward.”