LUDINGTON — Holton and Ludington bowling teams split a pair of games at Stix on Wednesday night, with the boys winning, 23-7 and the girls losing, 21-9 according to Ludington’s stats.

Holton had the scores, 20-10 for the girls score and 25-5 for the boys.

“This was our last game of the season,” Ludington coach Maggie Bates said. “I know some of my bowlers tonight frustrated, however there’s a big meet on Monday (conference) and I’m sure they’re going to be just fine.

“We really need to push hard going into regionals, and do the best that we possibly can, and have our best meets at the next two competitions.”

In the boys match Ludington won both Baker games, 128-87 and 119-114 to begin with a 10-0 lead.

The Orioles’ scorers in Game One were Amari George with a 69, Damion Ott with a 149, Nick Wysong with a 98, Lucas Ruggero with a 124 and Cameron Fetters with a 155.

In Game Two the Orioles were led by George with a 70, Ott with a 140, Wysong with a 126, Ruggero with a 103 and Fetters with a 97.

For the Red Devils it was Chase Albright with the high game scores of 176 and 172.

Ludington’s girls results showed the Orioles losing the first Baker by a 134-115 score and the second, 142-119.

In Game One the Ludington scorers were Sara Mutzette with a 111, Grace Ashley with a 144, Karly Gokey with a 87, Rylee Hardenburgh with a 93 and Heidi Faust with a 122.

Scoring in Game Two were Elecia Byrd with a 131, Abigail Ashley with a 131, Hardenburgh with a 74, Grace Ashley with a 93 and Faust with a 125.

The high scores for Holton was a 126 rolled by Katie Peterson and a 122 by Karley Plekes.