By Seth Vanderwest

KENT CITY–Kent City’s Peytin Brake is headed down to Indiana in the fall to continue her education and bowling career at Valparaiso University.

Brake signed her letter of intent on December 16. She is planning to study “something medical-related” at Valpo while trying to help turn around a Beacon team that has not had a winning record since 2012.

Though Peytin led the Kent City team, she didn’t do it alone during the 2021-22 season. Along with strong contributors Carissa McCollough and Abby Pecynski, Peytin’s younger sister Madi were the keys to the Eagles’ success.

Called the “Thunder and Lightning” sisters by Coach Eric Wiles, the Brakes both averaged more than 180 and were ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the CSAA Silver conference.

Despite the very similar averages, the Brakes’ bowling styles are much different. Madi is very consistent, reliably logging games between 180 and 200, and is the cheerleader of the Eagles. Peytin is more quiet, and her scores varied more.

Though Brake’s talent is undeniable, Valpo bowling coach Shon Washington credits certain character traits as major reasons he recruited her.

“She was very humble when speaking of her accomplishments in the game. There was a fierceness about her when we talked about the game of bowling. The good ones find joy in the process.”

Coach Wiles praised Brake’s work ethic, saying “If it can be done, Peytin will do it. There isn’t a kid that works harder than her.” Her work ethic is not only visible on the lanes but also in the classroom.

Brake will graduate at the top of her class this spring.

Photo courtesy of Mary Wilson

Photo courtesy of Mary Wilson