FREMONT—The Fremont boys track and field team won Wednesday’s meet held at Fremont that involved the Packer’s, Reed City, Tri-County and Newaygo. With the win Fremont claimed the CSAA-Gold championship.

Although there were no official team scores available there were a lot of PRs but the highlight of the meet was probably the 800. Conor Somers (Sr) targeted this meet to take a shot at Dan Radars 1:56.0 school record set in 1993.

Somers hit the 200 in about 28 flat and the 400 in 56.45. He really stayed in his rhythm through the next 200. With about 100 to go he was starting to try to force it and needed a reminder to stay smooth. He relaxed and finished in a new school record of 1:54.81 which is also the fastest time in the state currently.

100 Dash

Conner Roesler – 1st

Connor Pettis – PR

Lorenzo Luizzi – PR

Gavin Payne – PR

Tavin Reichert Slater – PR

Brandon Rasmussen – PR

200 Dash

Conner Roesler – 1st/PR

Bjorn Johnson – PR

Lorenzo Liuzzi – PR

Tavin Reichert-Slater – PR

Gavin Payne – PR

 400 Dash

Gabe Whittle – 2nd

Gary Springstead – 3rd/PR

Lucas Bradly – PR

 800 Run

Conor Somers – 1st/PR

Carter Sherman – PR

 1600 Run

Johnny Christensen – 1st

Gavin Schuler – 2nd

Conor Somers – 3rd

Carter Sherman – PR

 3200 Run

Gavin Schuler – 1st

Henrik Quist – PR

Carter Sherman – PR

 110 Hurdles

Daniel Romero – 1st/PR

Michael Romero – 2nd

Carter Rottman – PR

 300 Hurdles

Daniel Romero – 1st/PR

Michael Romero – 3rd/PR

 Shot Put

Andrew Steger – 3rd


Michael Romero – 2nd

Briar Hambrock – 3rd

Singh Cheema – PR

 Long Jump

Gabe Whittle – 1st

Wei Chen – 3rd/PR

 4×100 – PR

Conner Roesler

Wei Chen

Connor Pettis

Garrett Hanshue

 4×200 – 1st/PR

Conner Roesler

Khai Noordyk

Connor Pettis

Gabe Whittle

 4×400 – 1st/PR

Gary Springstead

Daniel Romero

Gabe Whittle

Conor Somers

 4×800 – PR

Gavin Schuler

Sean Pettis

Johnny Christensen

Gary Springstead