MUSKEGON–Trevor Austin is about to complete his first year on staff with LSJ and hopes for many more to come.

Born in Muskegon to Mark and Gayle Austin, Trevor has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan. He graduated from Fruitport High School in 2011 and spent some time at Muskegon Community College.

After high school, Trevor began to slide backward and for the better part of several years, he battled a severe addiction. During this time, he lost sight of everything that he loved, including writing.

Several years ago, Trevor met his girlfriend, Tori, and her daughter Bella. Those girls would prove to be the spark he needed to completely change his life’s trajectory. Soon, they welcomed their daughter, Emma, into the world and Trevor hasn’t looked back.

Trevor has been in recovery now for close to 4 years and he’s joined LSJ to do what he loves. He hopes to continue to grow as a writer and follow his passion.

Most importantly Trevor wants to help others who struggle as he did. He wants to show that, despite falling behind, you can always fight your way back. Follow your dreams and don’t let your bad life experiences dictate who you are as a person.

Sports and writing have always been an outlet for Trevor so the continued exposure in this field has been therapeutic.

Trevor has found covering high school sports rewarding. He believes it’s important for the local kids to have a platform and get exposure to their achievements.