MUSKEGON — Western Michigan Christian’s Ashton Leffring tallied a trifecta goal attack in the Warriors’ 6-4 comeback win over Manistee on Tuesday.

Leffring tied the score 4-4, gave WMC a 5-4 lead and then slammed the door shut on Manistee with his third straight goal in just 2 minutes of play.

WMC took control inside the 5-minute mark when a free kick was awarded just outside of the Chippewas’ box. Leffring nailed a shot that hit the opposite post and went in to tie the game, 4-4.

Manistee built a 2-1 lead at halftime, and led 4-1 midway through the second half on a pair of goals from Jacob Scharp and goals from Luke Senters and Ralphael Goncalaves.

Gavin Riksen responded for the Warriors with two goals to make it 4-3, setting up Leffring to take over the contest.  

Manistee was also led by Luke Smith with two assists while Scharp and Senters had one apiece.

Manistee is at home against Shelby Wednesday night.

Western Michigan Christian will host Shelby on Saturday at 3pm.

Photos courtesy of Randy Riksen