CADILLAC — Manistee’s boys soccer team won its fifth straight game, blanking Cadillac by a 6-0 score in a non-conference contest on the road Saturday.

It was the Chippewas’ sixth shutout, and improved their record to 12-3 on the season.

“We left a little bit off the board, but we finished the game with a good result, so I can’t complain,” said Manistee head coach Brandon Prince.

“Cadillac played tough, kind of chippy, so for our guys it was balancing what’s aggressive and what’s late, things like that. It was head on a swivel mentality.”

In the game of soccer, there are no timeouts coaches can use to pull guys back and assess what they’re dealing with in regards to the opposing team’s style of play.

They have to do it on the fly.

But the Chippewas settled down after Prince addressed the issue with them during the halftime break, and they played with a little more composure, as well as calmer with their decision-making.

“Like I told the guys at the end of the game, that’s kind of that district mentality, where there’s a little bit of chaos, a little bit of unorganized moments where we just need to be mentally focused,” Prince added.

“Just stay composed, balanced and think through it. We did a nice job that second half. It was actually a good game to play the next couple weeks.”

Manistee scored three goals in the first half, and three in the second while the Chippewas’ defense kept space and limited the Vikings to only a couple of shots on goal that keeper Grayson Prince rejected.

Luke Senters and Rafael Goncalves found the back of the net twice to lead the way, while Jacob Scharp and foreign exchange student Henriques Tonili contributed one each.

Scharp had two assists as well. Senters and foreign exchange student Gres Mandelli chipped in with one apiece.

The Chippewas host Oakridge tonight (Monday) in a West Michigan Conference game at Chippewa Field.