LUDINGTON — Ludington’s bowling teams opened the season Monday night hosting Oakridge at Stixx, with the girls losing 16-14 and the boys dropping their match 24-6.

In the girls competition the Orioles took Baker game one, 113-108, but lost the second Baker 99-83.

For individual games Anna Grimes had an 85, Karly Gokey a 95, Grace Ashley a 102, Elicia Byrd 98 and Riley Hardenburgh 124. In game two Sophia Rupp had a 66, Julia Gilchrist 111, Grace Ashley 132, Elicia Byrd 111, and Rylee Hardenburgh 113.

In the boys competition Ludington took Baker game number one 131-123 and lost the second Baker 121-106.

For individual games Darius Byrd had a 91, Dominic Reamer 103, Damion Ott had a 117, Lucas Ruggero 134 and Cameron Fetters 121. In game two Jaden Shultz rolled a 111, Darius Byrd 104, Damion Ott 97, Lucas Ruggero 149 and Cameron Fetters 130.

“All in all this is better than the other day but we have to get over this bump,” said Orioles bowling coach Maggie Bates. “We have to start hitting our marks consistently and having a consistent release.

“We have a great group of kids and I know they will get there. It’s hard when you start having practice three weeks before your competition starts and have a holiday week included in that time.

“But again, I know these kids will put in the time and effort and will come out ahead. Their season is just starting I can’t wait to see how it looks at the end of it.”