WHITEHALL – The Hart wrestling team went 1-1 in a tri-meet against Hesperia and Whitehall on Wednesday evening.

The Pirates opened with a battle of the unbeatens as they took on No. 4 ranked Whitehall. The Pirates fell, 47-18.

In the second dual of the evening, the Pirates squared off with WMC-Rivers foe, Hesperia. The Pirates won, 48-27.

Hart will participate in the Montabella Invitational on Saturday. 

VS. Whitehall

165 Ryan Goodrich (Whitehall HS) over Uriel Vilchis-Mendoza (Hart HS) (TF 15-0 5:23)

175 Wyatt Jenkins (Whitehall HS) over Manuel Vasquez (Hart HS) (Fall 1:21)

190 Zane Thomas (Hart HS) over Easton Wisniewski (Whitehall HS) (Fall 1:14)

215 Jackson Cook (Whitehall HS) over Adrian Tice (Hart HS) (Fall 3:50)

285 Shane Cook (Whitehall HS) over Ivan Lara (Hart HS) (Fall 1:41)

106 Cody Manzo (Whitehall HS) over Ayden Dodge (Hart HS) (Fall 2:22)

113 Liam Waller (Whitehall HS) over Emmanual Ortega (Hart HS) (Dec 7-5)

120 Nolan Taranko (Whitehall HS) over Halen Boos (Hart HS) (Dec 11-5)

126 Caden Varela (Whitehall HS) over Austin Martinez (Hart HS) (Dec 6-3)

132 Trayce Tate (Hart HS) over Max Krukowski (Whitehall HS) (Fall 1:18)

138 Ryne Christensen (Whitehall HS) over Bryce Jorissen (Hart HS) (Dec 6-3)

144 Blake English (Whitehall HS) over Connor Edwards (Hart HS) (Dec 11-7)

150 Darnell Mack (Whitehall HS) over Guillermo Ortega (Hart HS) (Dec 6-0)

157 Alex Hicks (Hart HS) over Pablo Lugo (Whitehall HS) (Fall 1:09)

VS. Hesperia 

 175 Zane Thomas (Hart HS) over Brock Bolles (Hesperia Community HS) (Fall 1:23)

190 Adrian Tice (Hart HS) over Logan Grabe (Hesperia Community HS) (Fall 1:58)

215 Adrian Lara (Hart HS) over Marcus Hoaglin (Hesperia Community HS) (Fall 1:35)

285 Ivan Lara (Hart HS) over Noah Walker (Hesperia Community HS) (Fall 5:21)

106 Stephen Priese (Hesperia Community HS) over Unknown (For.)

113 Alex Sayer (Hesperia Community HS) over Emmanual Ortega (Hart HS) (Fall 0:23)

120 Blake Sayer (Hesperia Community HS) over Halen Boos (Hart HS) (Fall 1:15)

126 Austin Martinez (Hart HS) over Dominick Smith (Hesperia Community HS) (TF 18-3 5:26)

132 Trayce Tate (Hart HS) over Unknown (For.)

138 Bryce Jorissen (Hart HS) over Wyatt Roberson (Hesperia Community HS) (MD 10-1)

144  Skyler Stalbaum (Hesperia Community HS) over Connor Edwards (Hart HS) (Fall 1:48)

150 Guillermo Ortega (Hart HS) over Alex Gleason (Hesperia Community HS) (Fall 3:03)

157 Alex Hicks (Hart HS) over Scott Quinn (Hesperia Community HS) (Dec 7-0)

165 Deegan Klaus (Hesperia Community HS) over Darice Mosley (Hart HS) (Dec 7-0)