SPRING LAKE – The Mona Shores boys lacrosse team sealed their place as Tier 2 conference champions in its first year in that division on Tuesday.

The Sailors trailed by two goals in the fourth quarter, but buckled down to overtake Spring Lake, 12-10.

“We were really impatient in our offense and took a lot of forced shots which were basically turnovers,” said coach Murle Greer. “The defense struggled with the slow pace of the Lakers offense, but came up with some big stops late in the game.”

The Sailors showed resiliency and fought off the Lakers.

“Spring Lake was well prepared and well coached last night and outworked us for most of the contest, but our guys have no quit in them,” said Greer.

Mona Shores found most of their success from midfield where they netted seven of their goals and grabbed some crucial ground balls.

JJ Boos had nine ground balls and scored three goals while Luke Beilhartz and Hayden Terpstra added four goals and three goals, respectively.

“The seniors on this team are a special group and they have laid the foundation for this success over the last three seasons,” Greer said. “This is a program achievement and effort, but it doesn’t happen without them.”

Mona Shores (11-1, 8-0) will be at home on Thursday to face Lowell.