DNR weekly fishing report: Salmon fishing continues to slow down for area anglers

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Here are some reminders and requests from the Michigan DNR along with its weekly fishing report.

Anglers are reminded that all Type 1 and Type 2 rivers and streams along with the Type A and Type D inland lakes closed to fishing on September 30. Lake trout season on the waters of Lake Huron and northern Lake Michigan also closed on September 30. The waters of Lake Michigan between Arcadia and New Buffalo will remain open for lake trout until October 31.

Fisheries Division is asking for your cooperation in completing a survey by the University of Toledo regarding the use of live bait. The purpose of this survey is to find out what factors Michigan anglers consider when choosing live baitfish as some types can be infected with viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) and the disease can be spread to many species including sport fish in the Great Lakes area. The results of this survey will be beneficial to the division regarding future bait regulations. The survey can be found at: http://uac.utoledo.edu/uacsurveys/lecmfs.htm.


Grand Haven:  Salmon fishing has slowed. Boats are fishing 80 to 150 feet down in 150 to 210 feet of water with UV paddles and flies. Pier anglers are casting spoons or floating spawn and alewife for a limited number of Chinook, coho and steelhead.

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Is producing coho and the occasional Chinook. Fish were caught on spoons, spinners, wobble glows, spawn or flies. The Chinook salmon are not up near the dam yet. The fish are coming in slower this year due to the low water levels. Brown trout should be moving up in the next week or two. Bluegill and crappie were hitting on leaf worms, wax worms or minnows at Millennium Park.

Muskegon:  Was slow. Boats are putting downriggers 100 to 200 feet down in waters up to 300 feet deep. They are using white paddles with a UV blue fly and spoons in green or blue.

Muskegon Lake:  Was producing walleye for those fishing along the drop-offs.

Muskegon River:  Salmon are in the river but the fish were running smaller with an average size of 10 to 14 pounds. The tributaries are now closed to fishing.

Whitehall:  The boats are out again and catching coho 70 feet down in 140 feet of water. Some have started to catch steelhead 40 feet down in 120 feet of water.

White Lake:  Fish are still stacked up just inside the lake. Try 50 feet of water with yellow, green and red stick baits or double jointed rapalas.


Manistee:  Boats were heading out to waters over 300 feet deep for salmon and steelhead. Try 50 to 90 feet down with orange or green spoons. Catch rates slowed for those trolling around the piers.

Manistee River:  Is producing some Chinook and steelhead below Tippy Dam. Early morning was best.

Ludington:  Fishing has slowed around the piers but a few Chinook were caught on plugs. A good number of fish are now in Pere Marquette Lake or up in the river. Water temperatures were still 60 degrees. Boats are heading out to waters 200 to 300 feet deep and fishing the top 100 feet of water with orange or green spoons.

Pere Marquette River:  Salmon have been caught throughout the river, but the fish are moving slower this year. Some nice brown trout were caught.

Pentwater:  Steelhead and lake trout have been caught in the top 40 feet of waters 200 to 400 feet deep. Some also caught the occasional Chinook or coho.

Pentwater River:  Anglers are targeting salmon.

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