By Greg Gielczyk  

HART — Hart’s Bryce Jorissen picked up his 100th career wrestling victory in a triangular at Fremont back on Feb. 2, and he’s not done yet.  

Confidence has been where Jorrison (34-16) has improved the most, says first-year Pirates’ wrestling coach Elijah Flores.  

“Bryce didn’t wrestle a ton his freshman year,” Flores said. “He was a really small 103-pounder, wasn’t really weighing a whole lot.   So he came in and filled a weight class for us, (and) was pretty tough. He just really developed as a wrestler. When he first started, he was just kind of an athlete. That kind of developed and now I would say he knows the move and is more fluid. His motion is more fluid. He’s grown in his confidence a tremendous amount.”  

In addition to his natural growth, Jorissen put in the work necessary to become bigger and stronger and move up to the 138-pound class. Previously, he didn’t have to watch what he ate, and usually was under 103 pounds. Jorissen has faced the challenge of cutting weight to maintain his desired wrestling weight.  

“I’m sure he’s had those times where he wasn’t as disciplined as he should have been,” remarked Flores.  

Flores said if you watch Jorissen, you’d come away with the impression that he thinks he’s a much bigger wrestler, in the Greco-Roman style, and likes to throw his opponents around the mat.  

But, he’s quick on his feet and his shots are among his best traits. And he has a “one mean left headlock,” said Flores. That move has come up big for him a couple times this season.  

“He has that … I kind of call it an ‘X’ Factor … when it comes to duals,” the coach added. “You can’t ever count Bryce out. He’ll be in a match where you don’t think he’s in it, and all of a sudden, he comes around and pins the guy.  He has that surprise factor. He’s always been real tough and hard to put away.”  

Jorissen lost, 4-3, in what’s called the “blood round,” or the consolation semifinals, for a shot to wrestler for third and fourth place at the individual regionals.  

He was a runner-up in the expanded West Michigan Conference championships.  

Photo courtesy of Photographer Brendan Samuels along with the feature photo