Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The effects of Hurricane Sandy shut fishing down around the state.

Action this week was found in the rivers or smaller inland lakes. Waters around the state are turbid and murky so it will take a few days to clear up.

Catch rates should resume once the waters settle. Anglers are reminded that catch rates increase during the month of November because perch, pike, whitefish, walleye, bass and steelhead go on a feeding frenzy before winter comes.


Grand Haven: No anglers were out.

Muskegon River: Is producing steelhead along with the occasional brown trout for those floating spawn.

Whitehall: When conditions allow, pier anglers are targeting steelhead. They are floating spawn or casting small spoons.


Manistee: Pier and surf anglers are catching steelhead when the winds allow. They are using spawn or casting orange spoons. Anglers are reminded that the piers can be very dangerous this time of year.

Manistee River: The steelhead action is underway. Water levels were low and clear so rain should help push more fish up into the river. Some are fly fishing with eggs while others may try casting small spoons or spinners. Good colors to try would be orange, pink, chartreuse, blue and silver along with orange and silver.

Ludington: Is producing steelhead for shore and pier anglers. Most were caught on spawn however a few were also taken on orange spoons.

Pere Marquette River: Water levels were low and clear. The remaining salmon are dark. Fresh steelhead continue to enter the river. Some nice steelhead and brown trout have been caught.

Pentwater: Pier anglers were floating spawn but no steelhead were caught. Those surfcasting had better luck with spawn or small orange spoons.