From DNR reports

The Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division is now producing an online publication that highlights its work on inland lakes and streams. “Reel in Michigan’s Fisheries” was developed for interested anglers and is shared quarterly.October’s edition covers several inland lakes, including Mullett, Upper Bushman and Nawakwa.

“Reel in Michigan’s Fisheries” provides details on the work of all Fisheries Division sections and their employees, including in the areas of research, fish production, aquatic species, regulatory affairs, habitat management and tribal considerations.

Launched in June 2013 (with a focus on walleye management on Houghton Lake, the Shiawassee River and Lake Antoine), “Reel in Michigan’s Fisheries” showcases water bodies that are actively managed by the division and provides information contained in survey reviews and management reports.

“We hope anglers will appreciate this new publication and take a moment to read about some of the interesting work we do and the fisheries we manage on their behalf,” said DNR Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter. “Michigan’s fisheries are so diversified that I would bet there will be something in each publication that most anglers were not even aware of.”

Current and past versions can be found by visiting and clicking on Managing Michigan’s Fisheries.

To ask questions or submit comments about the “Reel in Michigan’s Fisheries” publication, send an email to: [email protected]