Day-2 results from Henderson Memorial

Local Sports Journal

Henderson Memorial Match Play
(At Lincoln Golf Club)


Championship Flight
Ryan Mouw def. Chris Churchill, 7 and 6
Derek Jacobson def. Joel Maire in sudden death in 19 holes
Chris Carter def. Mike Buckner, 7 and 6
Scott Volkmann def. Jaren Edsall, 4 and 3
Collin Breit def. Jeff Stevens, 4 and 3
Scott Schuitema def. Randy Biggs, 4 and 3
Casey Farwig def. Joe Adcox, 2 and 1
Jeff Galbreath def. Mike VanDuinen, 5 and 4
Ryan Mouw def. Derek Jacobson, 3 and 2
Chris Carter def. Scott Volkmann, 5 and 3
Collin Breit def. Scott Schuitema, 2 up
Casey Farwig def. Jeff Galbreath, 1 up

Seniors Flight
Jim Jakubowski def. Steve Miller, 4 and 2
George Ruthkoski def. Mike Rederstorf, 1 up
Brian Carlson def. Bill Knoth, 4 and 2
Brad Davis def. Kevin McCann, 3 and 1
Chuck Young def. Fred Sanford, 4 and 3
Jeff O’Connell def. Joe Frazine, 1 up
Barry Searles def. Glenn Peddler, 8 and 6
Mike Wagonmaker def. Sam Tracy, 5 and 4
George Ruthkoski def. Jim Jakubowski, 5 and 3
Brad Davis def. Brian Carlson, 3 and 2
Jeff O’Connell def. Chuck Young, 3 and 2
Barry Searles def. Sam Tracy, 5 and 3
*Jeff O’Connell withdrew from tournament play

First Flight
Roger Faulkner def. Brian Petts, 2 up
Jason Hekkema def. Joe Washington, 8 and 7
Jeff Perry def. Jason Bogue, 3 and 2
Jason Janczyk def. Troy Fox, in sudden death in 20 holes
Jeff Henschel def. Roger Faulkner, 1 up
Jason Hekkema def. Nick Bultema, 2 up
Adam Farrell def. Jeff Perry, 5 and 4
Brian Frisch def. Jason Janczyk, 5 and 4

Boys 15-17

Wil Mierz def. Brenden Harris, 8 and 6
Grant Norris def. Nathan O’Neil, 6 and 4
Mitchell White def. Nick Oosting, 8 and 6
Glen Kastelic def. Trevor Fowler, 2 and 1
Collin Kolbe def. Wilbert Dunbar 5 and 4
Collin Powers def. Mitch Edick, 1 up
Kaleb Johnson def. Tyler Vandenbrandt, 4 and 3
Riley Duff def. Paul Johnson, 2 up
Grant Norris def. Wil Mierz, 3 and 2
Glen Kastelic def. Mitchell White, 2 and 1
Collin Powers def. Collin Kolbe, 5 and 4
Kaleb Johnson def. Riley Duff, 7 and 5

Boys 14-and-under
Carter O’Neil def. James Davis, (Unavailable)
Cody Petroski def. Drew Carter, 6 and 5
Zach Petroski def. Eli Pinter, 4 and 3
Garrett Norris def. Chandler Breit, 4 and 3
Carter O’Neil def. Cody Petroski, 4 and 2
Garrett Norris def. Zach Petroski, 1 up

Girls 15-17
Mikaela VanDuinen def. Hannah Moss, 8 and 7
Karina VanDuinen def. Rylee George, 1 up

Girls 14-and-under
Karli VanDuinen def. Abby Fansler, 7 and 6
Abby Grevel def. Avery Howard, 1 up

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