Hey high school football fans! Don’t be fooled by the calendar! The season kickoff is only a few weeks away!

This season LocalSportsJournal.com is giving you a chance to play an active part in our weekly “LSJ Gridiron Picks” column, win some cool weekly prizes, and maybe even win the grand prize – four free tickets per month to movies at the Harbor Theater for an entire year!

Here’s how it will work: Eight LSJ writers will pick winners for each of the local high school games every week, and the writer with the best overall record wins the week.

Before the season starts, you can join one of the eight writer’s “teams” and tie your fate to his picks every week for the entire season. For example, if you choose Nate Thompson (who wins a lot), and he has the best win-loss record for any particular week, you and the other fans who signed up for “Team Thompson” will go into a drawing for a cool weekly prize.

Remember, you have to specify one writer by the contest deadline, and one writer only! You cannot switch once you have entered.

At the end of the regular season, one writer will be crowned the overall champion, based on overall season records. All of the fans who signed up for that writer’s team will be eligible for a drawing for the grand prize – a full year of four free movie tickets per month at the new Harbor Theater on Henry Street (the former Plaza Theater), which features the best of current first-run movies!

Below are the final LSJ writer football pick standings from last season, to help you determine which team to join.

Your initial thought might be to sign up with “Team Thompson” or “Team Johnson,” because those two writers finished first and second last season. But remember, lots of fans will be signing up with the top pickers from last year.

You may want to consider signing up with a writer who finished at or near the bottom of the standings last season. That’s because fewer fans will join those teams, so the odds of your name being drawn for the weekly prizes will increase greatly if that writer happens to win one week – and it happens sometimes!

The deadline for signing for an LSJ Gridiron Picks team is Tuesday Aug. 27 at 11:59 p.m. Just email your name, age, address, a contact telephone number and the writer’s team you wish to join to [email protected] There is no age limit to enter, but any prizes won by contestants under the age of 18 must be claimed by a parent or guardian.

So join one of the seven LSJ Gridiron Picks teams, then root on your favorite LSJ writer all season!

2018 LSJ writer final standings:

1. Nate Thompson
2. Andrew Johnson
3. Mitch Boatman
4. Dave Hart
5. Dave Tomczak
6. Steve Gunn
7. Jason Goorman
(New) Noah Genson