MUSKEGON — Ludington’s boys bowling team lost to Holton, 27-3, while the girls pulled out a 18-12 victory in a match rolled at Northway Lanes in Muskegon.

The Oriole girls split the Bakers, losing 88-86 and winning 142-97.

Game 1 scores for the Orioles included Elecia Byrd 147, Lea Perot 114, Rylee Hardenburgh 108, Heidi Faust 129 and Abigail Hardenbaugh 138 for a team total of 635.

In the second game, Byrd rolled a 86, Karly Gokey a 111, Hardenburgh a 144, Ashley a 130 and Faust/Grace Ashley had a 93 split game which gave Ludington a team total of 564.

“The girls did real great today, coming away with their first win of the season,” said Ludington coach Maggie Bates. “They started off with a rough Baker, and picked it up and pulled it together for that second Baker.

“We also talked about how important those Bakers are in a competition, and made note that the 142 is good, but we need to make sure we pick it up with that other Baker, as well as getting that score up.”

In the boys’ competition, Ludington lost both Bakers to Holton, 156-103 and 133-109.

Ludington rolled a 599 in the first game as Christian Ely finished with a 131, Lucas Ruggero had a 125, Cameron Fetters rolled a 124, Damion Ott finished with a 113 while Nick Wysong and Darius Byrd had a split game of 106.

Game 2 found the Orioles bumping their score up to 607, with Ely rolling a 144, Byrd a 119, Fetters a 155, Ott and Amari George rolling a 85 split game, while Ruggero and Wysong had a 104 split game.

“The boys actually did well today,” Bates said. “Our team totals are getting better, but we really need to work on our Bakers scores.

“I talked to the team tonight and told them I was happy with how they bowled today, and we will continue to work on the others. Moving forward, both teams know that as a coach I believe there’s a lot of potential there, and they know what they personally have to do get there.”

Ludington is next scheduled to bowl against Orchard View at Northway Lanes on Wednesday, Jan. 19.