PETOSKEY – The Muskegon Community College men’s basketball team capped the regular-season schedule on Tuesday with a 78-75 victory over North Central College.

Both teams needed the victory to move up in the final seeding for the regional tournament, which is next week.

The game was highly contested as the Jayhawks took a 40-35 lead into halftime. Foul trouble did cause some issues for the Jayhawks, yet were able to maintain the lead.

In the second half, North Central had a slim 40-38 scoring advantage that led to the narrow Jayhawk victory.

The Jayhawks, on the strength of the solid play of Ben Clark and Joe Russau, built a 16-point lead near the midpoint of the second half.

Clark led MCC (11-16, 7-7) with 22 points, four rebounds and three assists. Jadakiss Lewis added 19 points and six rebounds. Russau had 12 points.