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KENT CITY–The Local Sports Journal is pleased to announce that Kent City junior Seth Vanderwest has joined the staff as a contributing writer.

Currently, Vanderwest writes about a variety of topics for the Kent City athletic website, including features on athletes, game previews and write-ups about athletes who play at the college level. He does this while taking college courses and upper-level classes at the high school.

Seth is a member of several extracurriculars.

He is a varsity athlete on the soccer, basketball and track teams. He is a four-year varsity starter on the Eagle soccer team and a 3-year team captain. He also has played on the varsity basketball team since his sophomore year.

Seth is competing in his first-ever track season and recently earned all-conference honorable mention in the CSAA Silver for the 110m hurdles. He participates on the Quiz Bowl team and is a member of National Honor Society. Next year, Seth plans on adding kicking for the football team as part of his duties.

Seth enjoys writing about basketball and soccer. Recently, he has been working on a series called “Back in the Good ‘Ol Days,” where he writes about the athletic careers of Kent City teachers. His favorite part about writing is learning more about the people he does stories on.

Seth is an active member of Kent City Baptist Church. He plays piano for the youth group and helps lead a small group.

Seth is the son of Ken and Rhonda Vanderwest. Ken is a pastor at Kent City Baptist and Rhonda is a music teacher at Kent City Elementary.