Local Sports Journal
The Muskegon Community College men’s bowling team finished third in a college bowling event at Livonia.
Schoolcraft finished first at 4,539. MCC had a team score of 4,329. Muskegon “B” team was sixth with 3,706.
Men’s high scores include Lucas Johnson with a 232, Kyle Essenberg with 231-202, Bobby DeCheney at 192, Logan Holland with a 212-198, Jeff VanLaan with a 198-199, Richard Williams had a 190 and Cameron Calkins had a 191.
The Jayhawks broke two school records with a Baker game score of 300 and a two-game Baker score of 547 (247-300).
The women’s team finished second behind Schoolcraft, which finished with a 3,831. MCC had 3,594.
High scores for the Jayhawks were Joleen Douglas with a 204-171 and Ashley Martz had a 191. Douglas won the award for “women’s high game.”